A French Gymnast Suffered One Of The Most Horrific Leg Breaks That You’ll Ever See

Samir Ait Said
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This one isn’t for the faint of heart. French gymnast Samir Ait Said was competing at the Rio Olympics on Saturday. He was doing the vault during the team preliminaries when he landed awkwardly and broke his left leg. At best, this injury can be described as horrible. At worst, well, we’ll let Nancy Armour of USA Today Sports sum it up.

This is, in all seriousness, one of the worst leg injuries that we have ever seen. If you’re brave enough to look at the pictures, head to the next page, but be warned: these are definitely not for those who consider themselves squeamish.


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Samir Ait Said 1
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Samir Ait Said 2
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This is unfortunate, mostly because it’s terrible to see anyone have to suffer an injury like this – as Armour said, this does conjure up imagine of the injury that former Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered during the Elite Eight in the 2013 NCAA Tournament. But it’s also unfortunate because Ait Said is a really good gymnast – he’s especially good on the rings, where he has won a silver, bronze, and gold medal at the 2015, 2014, and 2013 European Championships, respectively.

All of us are sending good vibes out to Ait Said. Hopefully, he’s able to make a full recovery and get back to gymnastics as soon as possible.

(via Mashable)