RIP, Sweet Brooklyn Nets PR Twitter

Last month, With Leather briefly celebrated the joy that was the Brooklyn Nets PR Twitter account, a fun oasis in an otherwise dry and arid NBA social media scene. That account was responsible for the epic deadpan you see in the header, and for other, totally asinine statistical gems like this:

Sadly, that beautiful voice has been silenced.

The Nets want a unified voice from their public accounts, a voice that the PR account’s nature didn’t align with.

This change was announced at the Sloan Sports Media Conference by Jayne Bussman-Wise, Digital Director of the Brooklyn Nets & Barclays Center, in a panel called “Staying Relevant: Social Media Analytics.” They are now in the process of figuring out how they want to utilize the account, if at all. (via The Brooklyn Game)

Isn’t that sad? They should’ve called the panel “Staying Relevant: Doing The Boring Thing On Twitter So Nobody Notices.” Be like God on that one episode of ‘Futurama.’ Maybe this is all an elaborate public relations hoax, like New Coke, where they’re going to take away the Nets PR account until jerks like me get all bent out of shape about it, then bring it back to grand fanfare.

The good news is that the guy who ran the account, Nets public relations assistant Calder Hynes, has a personal account (@calder_h) and continues the legacy of Nets PR. For example …

Ah, that’s better.

[h/t to Devin Kharpertian]