RIP Yoda, The World's Ugliest Dog 1997-2012

Senior Writer

Goodnight, sweet princess.

I hate to bring such bad news this early in the day, but on Saturday, March 10, in the early hours of the morning, Yoda passed away at the tender age of 15.

Last June, we celebrated the tale of this Chinese crested Chihuahua mix, as she was named the World’s Ugliest Dog at the annual Sonoma Marin Fair in California. We hardly knew anything about her, but she became sort of a symbol and mascot for us, as she wasn’t the most beautiful creature, but damn it she had personality. You know, in case Kate Upton is searching for metaphors today.

But today we celebrate Yoda for her great life and accomplishments, as she not only towered over her peers in victory and recognition, but she also did that loyalty thing that makes dogs so awesome. Pour a little out for Yoda tonight, friends, and bow your heads as we remember Yoda with the official With Leather mourning jam.

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