PEAK GRONK PART DEUX: Rob Gronkowski Posts A Video Telling People To ‘Deflate Deez Nuts’

Anything you can Gronk, Gronk can do better. Gronk can Gronk anything better than you. Just a couple hours after flexing in response to a reporter’s hounding about the Wells Report on the Patriots’ deflated football thing everyone couldn’t stop talking about, Rob Gronkowski expanded on the subject in a self-posted video to Bleacher Report’s ‘Uninterrupted’ series you probably should go ahead and watch.

The full text of his video is as follows:

“So you know, I was just at a charity event for the kids. There was media there. We talked about all the kids, all the fundraising for kids. It was Rodman Ride For Kids, unbelievable foundation they have. I go to leave, the media runs storming out. All they want to know is questions about the Deflategate. Well, guess what? What about all the fundraising for the kids, all the kids, everyone doing a great job, all the behind the scenes I do, Rodman Rides For Kids does. No one ever wants to expand on that, for the kids, all the charity events. No, they’re worried about a story for the Deflategate. You know, these [flexes] sure aren’t deflating. These are only inflating. So get ready, cuz I’m going to be ready. And there’s only one thing you can deflate…deez nuts.”

Gronkowski has a bit of a point. He’s at a charity event. He’s not there to be asked about the Wells Report. People chasing him to his car was kind of overkill. Yet he explained it in a way really only Gronk could. I’m sure some people are going to find a way to make this offensive, but this is Rob Gronkowski. You practically begged him to do this, and he delivered.

[Bleacher Report]