Rob Gronkowski’s Behavior On Set Was Blasted By The Star Of A Movie He’s In

03.16.17 2 years ago 16 Comments

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Rob Gronkowski has a role in the upcoming movie You Can’t Have It, which hits theaters this Friday, but the Patriots star tight end apparently didn’t make too many friends on the set.

Joanna Krupa, one of the movie’s co-stars, doesn’t seem very fond of Gronk. Krupa was asked by TMZ if Gronk put forth an “Oscar-worthy” performance, and she promptly went off on Gronk being too distracted by girls to get his one line right.

“Who’s saying he’s nominated for the Oscar?” Krupa said. “Considering he was the only person we had to do re-take after re-take for for his one line, I don’t know. I think [Gronk] was too busy focusing on the hot girls on set. He seemed like a very nice guy, but Oscar worthy I don’t know.”

She also noted her frustrations with him not being willing to do much to promote the film, calling him out for not being a team player.

“I’m kind of bummed about him because he hasn’t done much promoting for the movie, so to me he’s not a big team player,” Krupa said. “We’ll see if he shows up to the premiere or not. I flew in from Poland. I have a busy schedule. He should have [flown] in.”

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