01.02.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

Here’s the video of daredevil Robbie Maddison’s New Year’s jump on ESPN. First he took that little moped up a steep-ass ramp to land on top of the fake Arc de Triomphe at Paris Las Vegas. Then, even crazier, he drove off the arch and stuck the landing on a 100-foot drop.

Fast-forward about another hour, and he was naked with the hot blond girl that hugged him afterward. And justifiably so. He probably earned himself a threesome with that little stunt. If there’s one thing sure to get panties wet, it’s stupid crap that puts men’s lives in danger. And you’ve got to give men credit for our thought processes. “Well, if it goes wrong, I die. But if it goes right, I get LAID! Let’s DO THIS!!!”

Editor’s Note: Why yes, I did volunteer to go to combat.


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