Robert Griffin III’s Aunt And Uncle Wore Cowboys RG3 Jerseys [Update]

Tony Romo will start 2016 as the Cowboys starter if healthy, but that doesn’t mean that Dallas won’t be in the market for a backup who could capably replace Romo should things go awry like they did this season.

In fact, Jerry Jones has publicly stated that finding a capable backup quarterback to Romo would be one of Dallas’ primary offseason concerns.

Having said that, Robert Griffin III is almost assuredly never going to play another snap for the Washington Redskins, especially due to the emergence of Kirk Cousins this year. Could RG3 end up being a possibility as the Cowboys’ number two QB next year?

If you take the fashion decisions of Griffin’s relatives as any sort of indication, it sure seems like a possibility. Whether it was a protest against Washington or perhaps wishful thinking for next season, Griffin’s aunt and uncle showed up to the Cowboys-Redskins game on Sunday wearing custom RG3 Cowboys jerseys.

RG3 did grow up in Texas, so maybe the Griffins were just finding a way to support their nephew while also rooting for the hometown team. Regardless, if nothing else, the Griffins probably at least gave Jerry Jones something to think about this offseason.

Update: Robert Griffin III apparently told members of the media after the game that, contrary to the prior reports, the man and woman wearing the RG3 Cowboys jerseys were not his aunt and uncle.