This Blue Jays Pitcher Wanted A Dip So Badly That He Turned To A Fan For Help

It’s a little stereotypical to say that baseball players love to dip, but Blue Jays pitcher Roberto Osuna didn’t exactly do anything to fight that belief earlier this week. During a game between the Blue Jays and the Detroit Tigers, Osuna went up to a person in the stands who he must have seen dipping and asked if he could get his hands on a can.

The fan, probably thinking that he’ll never get the chance to hook a baseball player up with dip again, helped Osuna out. He was even accommodating enough to offer the Blue Jays’ 21-year-old pitcher with his choice in flavors: apple or cherry.

And Osuna decided that it wasn’t worth being greedy and taking the entire can, partly because the fan said he wanted to get the can back when he was done. He took a small amount of tobacco, put it in his lip, and tossed the can back to the fan, who called this the best moment of his life.

This is a really cool exchange between both people. It was a fan hooking up an athlete and that athlete reciprocating the fan by dapping him up. Even if dip isn’t involved, let’s have more interactions like this, sports.