RoboCop Threw Out The First Pitch For The Detroit Tigers Tonight

In case you missed it earlier, today is RoboCop Day in the city of Detroit, but it’s not nearly as cool as it sounds. Instead of the city’s officials showing a sense of humor about its relationship with a futuristic crimefighting cyborg and deciding this on their own, it was actually MGM’s idea to promote the release of the Blu-Ray and DVD of the recent remake. The festivities were supposed to kick off with the unveiling of a RoboCop statue, but that got screwed up and was canceled, thus breaking the hearts of people who didn’t have anything better to do at noon. (I’m not mocking them, I totally would have gone.)

The good news is that RoboCop still stopped by Comerica Park this evening to throw out the first pitch before the Detroit Tigers game and even mingle with the team’s adorable mascot, Paws. So how did the city’s greatest robotic officer do? Better than 50 Cent, I guess. But then, we can’t really blame the guy for not being able to throw in a heavy suit of armor. Next time he should just fire it out of a cannon.

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(Video via Matthew Mowery)