08.02.07 11 years ago 24 Comments

Obviously, the hottest new show on TV is going to be "Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge" on CMT.  Debuting August 10th, it pits nine "celebrities" against each other for the right to — and this is truly exciting — ride a bull in public.

These celebrities will quickly move from mechanical bull to riding some of the biggest, meanest animals from the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) tour. If the celebrities can conquer their fear, avoid injuries and get a passing grade from Murray, at the end of their training they'll ride in front of a packed auditorium at a PBR event in Nashville. The celebrities will even get a chance to pick their poison, choosing which legendary bull they'll ride in the finale. It's the ultimate man versus beast showdown.

Among the show's stars will be such luminaries as one of the Baldwin brothers, that one guy from one of the Survivor shows, a guy who rides motorcycles, Nitro from American Gladiators, and… Rocket Ismail!  If this is the ultimate man versus beast showdown, it might have been nice if they had gotten some ultimate men.  Or at least some flying sharks to play the ultimate beast.

Flying sharks, man.  God I'm terrified of them.  It's a good thing they're just a myth, like ACC football and the female orgasm.

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