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If you did not see this coming, then the sunrise must be a daily moment of wonderment for you.  I agree with all you non-Yankee fans out there who are tired of this annual dance, but the Blogosphere (see Deadspin or Foul Balls) is haranguing Roger for the way he announced his comeback to the Bombers.  But really this a lot like the scene in Hoosiers where Jimmy Chitwood declared his intent to play for Hickory again at the town meeting.  Just like it, except Jimmy came back for the love of the game and Roger is coming back for a dump truck full of cash ($4.5 million a month).  Jimmy said he would only play if Norman Dale remained the head coach, and Roger likes Joe Torre but loves money more (that's $1.125 million a week).  Also, Jimmy's soul was as pure as St. Francis of Assisi's, and Roger's is as black as the deepest coal shaft ($150,000 a day).  You see, almost exactly the same.  Anyway, I couldn't find any clips of Hoosiers, but The Simpsons have already shown us the way to stop the Rocket:         

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