Watch This Tremendous ’30 For 30′ Parody For Ronda Rousey

For all the misguided smack talk and hubris, Bethe Correia was still brave enough to get in the cage with Ronda Rousey, considering all the pain the latter inflicts on those who do. That’s the concept that presumably gave Rob Perez the idea to make this spot-on parody of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series of documentary films, called “I Shouldn’t Have Pissed Off Ronda.”

The opening is a perfect usage of the now-iconic 30 for 30 trailer line: “What if I told you that the world knew the day you were going to die?” That’s a little over-the-top because, as far as we know, Rousey hasn’t killed anyone, but the point stands. It takes a strange sort of mindset to believe you have a chance against an unstoppable force like Rousey, and that sort of doomed confidence has often been the subject of 30 for 30 films, especially the most recent one, “Angry Sky,” about a man who loved to jump out of planes from insane heights. That’s a pastime with about the same danger levels as a fight with Rousey.

The best part is probably the juxtaposition of the narration, asking, “Would you fight for survival?” as footage of Correia getting the snot beaten out of her plays. She may have fought for survival, but it didn’t last as long as most nature films.

(Via Rob Perez)