Ronda Rousey Went Straight To The Hospital Following Her KO Loss To Holly Holm

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11.15.15 5 Comments
UFC 193: Rousey v Holm

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Following her upset loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193, Ronda Rousey didn’t give a post-fight interview or stick around to reflect on her defeat with Joe Rogan. Instead, she went straight to the hospital to deal with her nasty split lip and any lingering effects from her knockout loss. This isn’t out of the ordinary for most UFC fights that end in knockout, but there was apparently some worry that Rousey had a concussion following her loss. This turned out to not be the case:

Dana White confirmed Rousey’s hospital visit in an interview with Fox Sports following the fight:

Holm did lots of damage, as Rousey endured a rough first round while Holm popped her with several hard punches to the face that bloodied her mouth and nose. Holm delivered a hellish left high kick, which connected with Rousey’s neck, early in round two that sent the bantamweight champion crashing to the canvas. Holm then followed her down to finish the fight.

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