Power Ranking Ronda Rousey’s 5 Most Dominating Wins

Ronda Rousey was named Sports Illustrated‘s Most Dominant Athlete for good reason: she destroys her competition in a way we haven’t seen since Mike Tyson. This past Saturday at UFC 190, she did it again by beating opponent Bethe Correia in just 34 seconds, bringing her number of fight stoppages in under a minute to 11.

Ronda doesn’t just do things with speed. She takes control of the fight, never giving her opponents even a glimmer of a chance at defeating her. And she hurts them too, stunning them with throws and breaking their arms backwards when they refuse to tap. Let’s take a look through some of Ronda’s most dominating wins, power-ranked:

1. Alexis Davis

Rousey grabs Davis, throws her, and lands on top in side control to quickly throw a barrage of strikes that puts her opponent out faster than you can say “Oh my gosh!” Total fight time: 16 seconds.

2. Cat Zingano

There was a lot of hype coming into this fight that Zingano would be the one to finally challenge Rousey. Alas, Cat rushed Ronda with a flying knee which missed and let the judo expert grab her neck. Next thing Zingano knew, she was on the ground and Rousey had her in what’s called a ‘wrong-way armbar.’ Total fight time: 14 seconds.

3. Bethe Correia

Bethe Correia made the mistake of talking a lot of smack about Ronda, her friends, and her family leading up to this fight. Certain parts of the media and fanbase were also accusing Rousey of being a one-trick pony that could only finish fights with armbars. So Ronda took both issues head-on and beat the crap out of Bethe in this fight, using Bethe’s fear of the throw during the clinch to light her up with uppercuts. She then worked Correia over with body shots before dropping her with a huge straight right. Total fight time: 34 seconds.

4. Julia Budd

Ronda Rousey made the mistake of letting her last opponent’s arm go a bit early in her last fight, and Budd ended up paying for it. Budd was the first to have her arm dislocated backwards by Rousey in an MMA fight. Keep an eye out for what Ronda calls ‘the flamingo knee’ at the end of this one. Total fight time: 39 seconds.

5. Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate is the only fighter to make it out of the first round with Ronda Rousey … but that was in their second fight. This is their first, where the best Miesha can do is survive a Rousey armbar attempt and take her back. But once Tate gets shaken off, it’s all Rowdy again as she lands her trademark judo throw and works for the armbar. Miesha refuses to tap and Ronda dislocates her arm backwards. Absolutely brutal. Total fight time: 4 minutes, 27 seconds.