A Wild New Ronda Rousey Mural Has Appeared In Venice Beach

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Ronda Rousey has shown up in some pretty impressive wall murals in the past. But this newest piece of Rousey art commissioned by the UFC in her hometown of Venice Beach really does the Rowdy one proud. It’s by Brazilian artists Bicicleta Sem Freio and it’s so colorful and trippy you could almost classify it as psychedelic.

If you happen to live nearby, the mural is on the second floor wall of The Green Doctors, a medical marijuana dispensary at 2007 Ocean Front Walk, just off the beach a block north of North Venice Boulevard.

Here’s a statement from the artists to Rolling Stone:

“She is almost like a comics hero,” the artists said in a statement. “We are fans of Ronda. Her last fight was in Rio against a Brazilian fighter, and despite that, everyone loves her in Brazil. What is really fascinating about Ronda, besides being an undefeated fighter and also being very secure of her femininity, is that she looks real and authentic. She looks like a really cool girl. We would love if she could learn us a few fighting tricks!”

For pictures of Ronda Rousey visiting the mural herself, check out this Daily News article. There’s also a cool time lapse video from UFC.com showing the guys from Bicicleta Sem Freio (which translates to No Brake Bicycle) creating the artwork. And now to finish things off, here’s a couple more pieces of their work from their Instagram:

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