Watch Ronda Rousey Trip Herself Up With This Accidental Sexual Innuendo

Ronda Rousey normally isn’t at a loss for words, but a slip of the tongue during a UFC 193 press conference in Australia had her struggling to keep from cracking up. The momentary mess-up happened as reporters asked her how she planned to deal with Holly Holm’s world-class boxing skills. Take it away, Ronda… (transcript via MMA Mania)

“Holly’s not really the kind of person I can come at right away. The other girls that I’ve fought before do not have the kind of footwork and movement that Holly has. They weren’t counter punchers, so I knew that If I came right in their face right away, oh, that sounded terrible (laughs). Oh my God! Not right away, I take my time, okay? You know what I mean, if I came…how do I say this right now?”

This is really one of those moments where text doesn’t capture the comedy involved, so maybe take a minute to watch the video and enjoy seeing everyone at the press conference get down into the gutter with Rousey on this one.

It didn’t take long for Ronda to get back on her game, and later on she went on an absolute tear over her friend Nick Diaz’s recent five-year suspension for marijuana. We’ll see which moment from the press conference makes a bigger impact — you’d hope her call for sanity in drug testing would, but sexual double-entendres of this caliber don’t happen every day.

(Via MMA Mania)