An Irish Boxer Tried To Rile Up Rory McIlroy By Taking A Selfie With Caroline Wozniacki

Rory McIlroy is a very famous Irish golfer. Paddy Barnes is an Irish boxer who is…sort of famous. Perhaps Barnes knows this and it irks him because it appears as though he’s trying really hard to get people to notice him at McIlroy’s expense.

The two-time Olympic bronze medalist served as Ireland’s flag bearer at Friday night’s Opening Ceremonies in Rio. At some point, Barnes took a photo with Caroline Wozniacki, the Danish tennis player who also happens to be McIlroy’s ex-fiancee. McIlroy and Wozniacki called their marriage off nearly three years ago, but for some reason, Barnes thought it would rile McIlroy up if he called the four-time major championship winner out on Twitter on Saturday morning.

McIlroy didn’t respond to this jab, which clearly bothered Barnes, seeing as how he kept at it.

Well, then. Someone may want to ask Barnes what, if anything, McIlroy ever did to him because this was not even close to the first time he’s felt the need to call Rory out. Last month, he told The Irish Times that McIlroy was “talking s**t” when the golfer said he’d be skipping the Olympics due to concerns about the Zika virus. Then, after arriving in Rio, Barnes again tweeted at McIlroy, taking another dig at his decision to pass on journeying to Rio.

Rory finally returned fire early Sunday, also on Twitter, much to the delight of Barnes.

Who knows whether this marks then end of this mostly one-sided “feud?” All that we can tell for sure is that Barnes appears far more invested in chirping at McIlroy than McIlroy is at Barnes.

(via For The Win)