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Roy Williams is a star wide receiver for the Lions with a base salary of $1.5M, yet he still refuses to spend his money on pro athlete essentials.  Things like multiple cars with oversized chrome rims, dog fighting operations, and extravagant displays of wealth at strip clubs are all foreign to him.  It's a shame, really.

On being cheap: I am cheap, I’m a cheap date. Get you some McDonalds, with some cheese on it and I’m just really cheap, man. I’m very low key, I like to stay home. I like to go bowling on Monday nights and I go to the casino every once and awhile. Other than that, you won’t see Mr. Williams out at all.

You do tip the pizza guy? There’s no such thing as a tip. But I am really polite and I say ‘Thank you sir.’ … The pizza man knows, when he comes to my address, he’s coming for free.

If you’re on a date and she wants to go to a nice place, what do you do? I might just take her to the casino and get her a free buffet. If I did take a date out to a nice place, I’d take her to a nice place, like a Red Lobster or something. It wouldn’t be Morton’s or nothing like that.

You know, Roy can say there's no such thing as a tip, but if he's taking girls to Red Lobster, then he's likely subjecting himself to "just the tip," which can be a frustrating experience.  On the other hand, it's Detroit.  Staying in is probably a wise move.


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