06.13.07 11 years ago 26 Comments

As my cherished colleague Orson Swindle pointed out, France's rugby team got brutalized by the New Zealand All Blacks in a pair of rugby test matches recently, by the scores of 42-11 and 62-11.  Granted, France left most of its best players off the roster so they could focus on pro matches at home, but we shouldn't discount the reality that the All Blacks are bad, bad men and that the French are gigantic pussies.

The exception that proves the rule is the man above, Sebastien Chabal, who came straight off the set of the last Rob Zombie film to kick some ass on the rugby pitch.  You have to admit, he looks like a taxidermy enthusiast.  Or the kind of guy who should be laughing maniacally while sharpening a butcher knife.  Or a West Virginia fan.

But I guess that's redundant.

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