Russell Westbrook Was A Dick To This Lion

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01.21.13 6 Comments

So, this happened:

The Denver Nuggets prevailed over the OKC Thunder in a hard-fought, overtime thriller. The biggest beef of the game, however, was between Russell Westbrook and Nuggets mascot Rocky. Russ trolled the fans in Denver by goaltending two of his halfcourt attempts. Per the Denver Post: “Fans now have a villain,’ Ty Lawson said.

I’m not sure whose side I’m on. Regular readers know that I’m a sports mascot enthusiast, so I usually take their side, and my first reaction to Goaltending A Lion-Gate was the headline. After reading about it, the half-court shots were an attempt to win Q’Doba queso for the arena … if Rocky makes any of those shots, everyone gets a coupon for a bowl of cheese.

So do I side with the anthropomorphic lion because goaltending is an assy move, or do I side with Westbrook for preventing a few thousand people from downing a styrofoam bowl of hot cheese they wouldn’t have wanted or eaten unless it was free?

You make the call. Video is below.

[h/t to SLAM Online]

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