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In celebration of the Marine Corps birthday, all posts today will have a decided military flavor.

No. 3 Louisville fell to the mighty Scarlet Scarlett Knights of Rutgers last night, choking away a 25-7 lead and going scoreless in the second half to lose 28-25.

Perhaps if the Cardinals had the slightest bit of intestinal fortitude, they would have done a little bit more than produce five three-and-outs in six second half possessions. I know John Bobo wouldn't have given up the way Louisville did.

You've never heard of Second Lieutenant John Bobo? Umm, hello? Quang Tri Province? 1967? Anyone? Sheesh. Fine, read from his Medal of Honor citation:

When an exploding enemy mortar round severed Lieutenant Bobo's right leg below the knee, he refused to be evacuated and insisted upon being placed in a firing position to cover the movement of the command group to  a better location.  With a web belt around his leg serving as tourniquet and with his leg jammed into the dirt to curtail the bleeding, he remained in this position and delivered devastating fire into the ranks of the enemy attempting to overrun the Marines. Lieutenant Bobo was mortally wounded while firing his weapon into the mainpoint of the enemy attack but… his tenacious stand enabled the command group to gain a protective position where it repulsed the enemy onslaught.

In conclusion, everyone that played football last night is a pussy.

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