Sage Kotsenburg Finally Received His Winter Olympics Bacon Medal On ‘Conan’

The other day, the folks at Godshall’s Meats in Pennsylvania announced that they wanted to honor Team USA gold medal snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg in the best way possible, by making his one jokingly wonderful wish come true. After he won the gold in the slopestyle event, and subsequently became the first American to win gold at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Kotsenburg Tweeted that he wished the medal was made out of bacon. Godshall’s complied and made him a turkey bacon replica of his medal, but getting it to him was the tricky part.

It seemed that the company was going to race it over to The Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday night in time for Kotsenburg’s appearance. While he told Letterman about the legend of “Second Place Sage,” there was no bacon medal to be had. Fortunately, Kotsenburg stopped by Conan tonight, and the people at Godshall’s did not disappoint. And either Kotsenburg is just the coolest bro’s bro in the history of bros and so positive and generally happy that everything seems like a surprise to him, or he really had no clue that the bacon was coming.

Either way, Sage Kotsenburg definitely deserved both of his medals.

And here’s the entire Letterman interview just because Kotsenburg is pretty much the coolest guy.