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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump.  Its girlfriend’s mother doesn’t approve.

  • The Sports Hernia caught screen shots of the NFL ref who face-planted into the turf and got a bloody nose for his trouble.  It’s no slo-mo video of a skateboarder getting hurt, but it’ll do.
  • The Flyers know how to roll, NHL style: they capitalized on a fraternity formal’s open bar, as evidenced by the photos at Sports by Brooks.  You oughta see the cows the Flames hooked up with!  No seriously, they drank in a barn.
  • An ample-bosomed GIants fan was ejected from the Eagles game for showing off her assets, says Busted Coverage.  She gets relegated to the link dump for not being Danielle Lloyd, who just celebrated her 25th birthday.
  • 101 Great Goals presents video of Fulham’s John Paintsil faking an injury like a little bitch.  No teammate of Clint Dempsey should ever be such a pussy.
  • Uncoached unveils pictures of the University of Houston cheerleading squad letting loose.  I must be getting jaded: this stuff doesn’t really do it for me any more.

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