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  • Alex Rodriguez had successful hip surgery last night. He’ll return to action in May; in the meantime he’ll be spending thousands of dollars on gift cards from Victoria’s Secret. What kind of gift-giving is that, A-Rod? Just buy those girls the same stuff you wear.

    |The Big Picture|

  • Creighton is looking like a respectable Cinderella for the NCAAs — if they can get in.

    |Roto Arcade|

  • More NCAA: The Big Ten has a horrible reputation as a basketball conference, and deservedly so.

    |Rumors and Rants|

  • That March Madness vasectomy promotion seems poised to return for 2009. This reminds me of the time I threw my pregnant girlfriend down a flight of stairs during the 1993 Stanley Cup Final.

    |Lion in Oil|

  • Another opinion in favor of the Owens-to-Buffalo signing, though the descriptor of “more journeyman than mercenary” inspires a cockeyed look in your general direction.

    |Throwing Into Traffic|

  • Bob Ryan probably got a facelift. If he did, what’s the big deal? Wouldn’t “freaky, young-looking face” win out over “freaky, old-looking, catcher’s mitt with lips” every time?


  • For anyone else looking to rally from a sub-par Monday, here’s Erica Lynn. She’s late with the rent, but she’s willing to do odd jobs to square her account.

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