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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. It doesn’t want your pity because it was left behind while its masters went to Vegas. It just wants to be fed.

  • John Daly satisfies some of his court-ordered community service by making an appearance in front of junior high students and giving health tips.

    Style Points.

  • Jamie Mottram relays an old story of when he had Reggie Jackson on Sports Bloggers Live and Mr. October had no idea what a blogger was or what a blogger did.

    Mr. Irrelevant.

  • Mike Miller of the Washington Wizards may be the first zombie transvestite to ever play in the NBA.

    The Sports Hernia Blog.

  • A.J. Benza, the co-host of High Stakes Poker, was recently let go so they could pair up Gabe Kaplan with an attractive female co-host. Wait. Welcome Back, Kotter Gabe Kaplan?

    carbonpoker blog.

  • Gourmet Spud entertains with the tale of Ethan, the helpful bathroom attendant.

    Food Court Lunch.

  • Good stuff from some fruit named Michael Tunison about how Jeremy Shockey is desperately trying to make himself somewhat relevant again.

    The Sporting Blog.

  • If you will, just for a moment, imagine a world without Buffalo Wings. Well, I suppose it would be a skinnier world. Less happy, to be sure, but skinnier.

    Mouthpiece Blog.

  • Captain Lou Albano. Dead. I have glued rubber bands all over my face to mourn his passing.

    Hugging Harold Reynolds.

  • Zach Bogosian and Ilya Kovalchuk of the Atlanta Thrashers make a porno. You read that correctly.

    Melt Your Face Off.

  • Fergie is now going to be a part owner of the Miami Dolphins? Who’s next? Pat Benatar? Yes, Pat Benatar is still incredibly relevant.

    Second-String Fullback.

Salutations. Weed Against Speed here. I’m keeping an eye on the place while Punte makes his way to Vegas for Blogs With Balls. I’ll be writing a few posts today but we’re expecting some updates from Sin City as well. Stay tuned.

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