Sam Houston State Won The FCS National Title On A Last Minute Touchdown

Sam Houston State and South Dakota State met on Sunday for an unusual FCS Championship. After delaying their seasons in the fall due to COVID-19, they finally were able to compete in the spring. The two teams were the top two seeds in the FCS playoffs coming in and both had a chance at their first-ever national championship, making it an incredibly meaningful matchup for both programs.

Unfortunately, for the first half of the game, the weather kept the potential of the contest low. It also didn’t help that SDSU starting quarterback, Mark Gronkowski, had to leave the game early with an injury. For a large portion fo the game, Sam Houston State dominated due to a mix of weather and the Jackrabbits’ inability to get the ball moving on offense.

When the sun came out, though, so did the SDSU offense. Down 17-7, the Jackrabbits offense found new life in freshman running back Isaiah Davis. He put the team on his back in a five-play, 72-yard drive capped off by a 28-yard run. A few drives later, Davis again came up big with an 85-yard touchdown run to give the Jackrabbits the 21-17 advantage. Watch him barrel through the entire Sam Houston State defense in one run.

On the other side of the ball, SDSU’s defense had stepped up big in the second half, really getting after the Sam Houston State quarterback Eric Schmid. However, despite the physical attack, he managed to lead Sam Houston State down for a few shots at the endzone. With 16 seconds left he found his target in Ife Adeyi.

With only 10 seconds left, South Dakota State attempted a few hook and lateral plays, but to little success. The clock ran out and Sam Houston State won their first ever FCS Championship.

This is a huge moment for Sam Houston State and an absolutely brutal ending for South Dakota State. For years, both of these teams had been bullied by the powerhouse of FCS in North Dakota State, but the Bison were facing a down season after Trey Lance’s departure for the NFL among other top players. If there was ever a year to take home the title this was the one. Sam Houston came out on top and SDSU will be left wondering what could’ve been.

This was also a huge legacy victory for Sam Houston State coach K.C. Keeler. With this championship he now has the most playoff wins in FCS History, with 24, passing Jim Tressell.

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