Santonio Holmes Wants The Big Bad Media People To Be Nice Now, Please

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"Hello God, are you there? It's me, Santonio."

New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes likes to talk. A lot. And sometimes when he speaks, he says something that is either less-than-smart or can be misconstrued and manipulated into something stupid. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Holmes gave the sports media more firepower than it already needed when he told that the New York media needs to be nicer to his Jets if they want to be a part of the team.

You know, because that’s how the media works. Especially in New York.

“That’s what sells in the New York media is how much negative attention we can bring to these players and just keep running with it. When things aren’t going good it makes our ratings go up,” Holmes said.

“But it doesn’t help our team. If you guys — and this is for the New York media — if you guys want to be a part of our team and feel so important, be there to support us. Not to try to break us down.” (Via CBS Sports)

See, here’s where I should join the bandwagon and pile on Holmes, because the media should never ever act as blatant PR for sports teams, and I know this because I live in a small sports market dominated by one newspaper that local fans believe routinely sh*ts all over our only sports teams.

HOWEVER, have you guys seen the state of sports media these days? Just take a look at the new Twitter-du-jour @BIGSPORTSWRITER and his/her takedown of New York Knicks beat writer Frank Isola, who became James Dolan’s Metatron in the wake of the team’s decision to let Jeremy Lin walk. Sports journalism careers are very hard to build these days unless you’ve got Maverick Carter on speed dial or you just like to scream, “SOURCES!” while you throw sh*t at a wall and pray something sticks.

We can make fun of crybaby Holmes all we want, but I guarantee you that a few enterprising writers out there just started writing some very flattering articles about the Jets.

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