Saquon Barkley’s Daughter On Learning He Would Join The Eagles: ‘Does That Mean We’re Gonna Win Now?’

Saquon Barkley changed teams this offseason, but he’s staying in the NFC East. Barkley, who started his NFL career as a member of the New York Giants, became a free agent and decided to sign a three-year deal with $37.75 million with the Philadelphia Eagles. According to reports, the Giants did not offer him a deal to stay in New York.

Barkley’s move did not go over particularly well in his old city — fellow former Giants running back Tiki Barber was especially harsh towards Barkley, who responded in kind — but it was a pretty popular move in his own household. In a video posted by the team, Barkley recalled the conversation he had with his daughter, Jada, after he made up his mind.

“My daughter, funny story with her, she knows there’s a lot of history in my career with the Eagles,” Barkley said. “Remember one time, when I was with the Giants and we lost to Philly in the playoffs, went to a diner to get some breakfast, and there wa sa bird, she was like, ‘Daddy! Oh no! Oh no!’ I’m like, what is it, and she points to the bird and is like, ‘The Eagles! It’s the Eagles!’ Me and Anna, we just started laughing and I put my head down, kinda started shaking.

“So, when I told her that we were gonna be going to Philly, she kinda was just like, ‘Does that mean we’re gonna win now?'” he continued. “And I just started smiling again and I was like, hopefully we’re gonna win some more games.”

Since Barkley came into the league in 2018, the Eagles have accrued a 56-42-1 record, while the Giants have gone 34-64-1.