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So, here's part of an email I got from Mr. Irrelevant's Jamie Mottram:

So I'm at Saturday's Georgetown-ND game, having a beer beforehand at Clyde's in DC. Looking up from my Blue Moon I see none other than a strikingly beautiful blonde with a full figure and the fullest of lips and I think, "OMG That's Scarlett Johannsen WTF!" Next thing I know guys are asking her to sign their napkins and running away with shit-eating grins on their faces.

Now, I have in no way confirmed that it was actually her, but after the game, as I was leaving the building, I ran into this girl again on the concourse as she was getting friendly with some dude. The guy I was at the game with — FanHouse's Scott Olin Schmidt — snapped the attached blurry photo, so you (try to) make the call.

I'm not saying that's not Scarlett Johansson, but, ummm… it's not Scarlett Johansson. Sure, it kinda look like her, but here's what we know about Scarlett:
  1. Until recently she was dating Josh Hartnett, who is a movie star who lives in New York.
  2. She's now been linked to Justin Timberlake, who is a pop star/sex symbol/movie star.
  3. When she has down time she spends mornings tucked into the crook of my shoulder, laughing softly at my jokes and toying with the waistband of my underwear. And we all know I'm a sex symbol who lives in New York.
So… yeah. The guy in that picture isn't Josh Hartnett, Justin Timberlake, or somebody sexy like me, and I can't for the life of me figure out why Scarlett would be in D.C. So that blonde chick almost certainly isn't Scarlett.
I would, however, totally do her.
UPDATE: As one sexy commenter notes, it's none other than Sara Albert from Season 6 of America's Next Top Model

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