Scott Frost Is Leaving Oregon And The Ducks Mascot Is Not Handling It Well At All

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Getty Image / Stephen Dunn

When it comes to divorce, it’s always the oversized duck mascot that takes it the hardest. At least, that’s the case on Twitter right now where the Oregon Duck is unpacking his feelings over the departure of offensive coordinator Scott Frost.

Frost is leaving Oregon to take on Central Florida’s head coaching gig and that has led the school’s big-billed fixture to pinball through the assorted stages of grief on social media. Y’know, the place where vulnerable people flock to for hemorrhaging emotions in a public manner when they probably shouldn’t. Let’s dive straight into his heartbreak, shall we?

Sadness gives way to wounded rage not too long after.

Followed by more sadness and the prospect that this enormous feathered creature may have drawn Scott Frost as a tasteful nude. (That’s speculation on our part and it’s not meant as a duck/coach kinkshaming thing.)

The rollercoaster of emotions continued on…

…until a temporary painkilling solution was found.

There was just one problem.

Looking at Scott Frost’s Twitter account, it seems like the UCF-bound coach isn’t in the mood to reply to his former bird pal’s heartache. Maybe a clean break is for the best. It’s not easy to hear a duck cry and college relationships aren’t always meant to last forever.