Sean Rodriguez’s Cooler Beat Down Has Been Brilliantly Mashed Up With ‘Raging Bull’

The most eventful part of Chicago’s 4-0 NL Wild Card win over Pittsburgh on Wednesday night was Sean Rodriguez repeatedly introducing his fist to a Gatorade cooler, which should tell you everything you need to know about that game. This happened after both teams cleared the benches in the seventh inning when Pirates pitcher Tony Watson hit Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta, perhaps out of retaliation for a pair of batters Arrieta hit. The “fight” never amounted to much more than a shoving match. However, that Gatorade cooler took some wicked blows from a frustrated Rodriguez, who also had some choice words for, well, someone:

The internet had some fun with Rodriguez’s tantrum, but nothing looks like it’s going to top The Cauldron to take on the whole thing. The Sports Illustrated publication created an entire “Raging Bull” trailer set to Rodriguez going bonkers on the inanimate object. It’s brilliant—and not just because it’s funny. It’s well done with some A-plus video editing. The way the Gatorade cooler fell over and spilled its contents, as though gushing blood, you could have sworn Scorsese himself put this video together.

Isn’t the internet great?