This Ugly Block From The Seahawks Resulted In A Gruesome Broken Leg

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10.06.15 3 Comments

During Monday night’s game against the Lions, and with 10:23 left in the fourth quarter, Seahawks guard J.R. Sweezy went low on Lions defensive tackle Tyrunn Walker while he was briefly engaged with center Drew Nowak. Walker immediately went down screaming in pain grabbing his leg. Here is a zoomed-in version of the clip.

Trainers rushed to Walker’s side after several players looked away in disgust. ESPN cut away to commercial and both Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden noted the replay was too gruesome to show. Turns out the chop block caused an open fracture on Walker’s tibia and fibula.

Here’s what former NFL physician David Chao had to say:

Walker will (obviously) miss the rest of the season, and who knows if/when he can return to playing football.

This is the second time the Seahawks have been involved in a questionable, but legal chop clock resulting in a serious injury. Two years ago, several Niners players called the team out after Ian Williams suffered a broken ankle on a similar play.

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