Seattle’s Mayor Is Pissed That Other Mayors Are Reneging On Their NFL Bets

Like any good politician, Seattle’s Mayor Ed Murray is great at taking time away from actual service to his city in order to focus on the meaningless fun stuff like making bets with the mayors of other cities with NFL teams. Yesterday, the terms of Murray’s bet with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock were announced, as a Broncos victory in Super Bowl XLVIII will earn Hancock a road bike from Rodriguez Bicycles, along with some salmon and crab, and a blown glass art piece that will be auctioned off to benefit Denver’s Road Home.

However, if the Seahawks win the big game, Murray receives some green chili and gear from Icelandic Skis, and a special “Denver-themed” piece will be auctioned off to benefit the Lifelong AIDS Alliance, according to the Seattle Times. And because everything that involves Seattle also has to involve Macklemore, Hancock will wear an outfit that was selected at a thrift store for an entire day. All in all, it’s a lot of kindhearted fun that will ultimately benefit one politician and local charity, while the others will be sad.

The only catch with a Seattle victory, however, is whether or not Hancock will uphold his end of the bargain. According to TMZ … Sports, some of Murray’s other mayoral counterparts have been a little less than willing to make good on their bets. Specifically, the mayors of New Orleans and San Francisco have allegedly not paid up. Double hyphen the hell out of them, TMZ!

Mitch Landrieu — the Mayor of N.O. — agreed to fork over a King Cake from Sucre (a famous bakery) and said he would tap celeb chef Greg Reggio to host a crawfish boil.

Edwin M. Lee — the Mayor of S.F. — agreed to send local ice cream and dessert treats that represent the city if the 9ers lost. He also agreed to help fundraise $10k for a Seattle food bank.

Of course, the Seahawks WON both games … but our political sources tell us the Mayor of Seattle has not seen the spoils of the victory from either city.

One source tells us, “Admittedly, raising $10k could take some time … but baking a King Cake doesn’t take 3 weeks.”

Look, I’m just going to say it – yes, the money should be a big deal because that affects a charity, but a king cake? Is there a more overrated dessert food on this planet? I say no and I accept the hatred I’m about to receive for such a bold opinion.

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