‘Seminoles’ Is The ‘Royals’ Parody That Should Have Never Ever Been Made

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04.17.14 7 Comments

Here is a music video for a song entitled, “Seminoles,” which is a parody of Lorde’s “Royals” that is coming long after it was still cool to make parodies of Lorde’s “Royals.” This one comes to us from Generation Sketch, which is a comedy troupe at the University of Florida, and that would explain why this appears to be a video that humorously compares UF to Florida State University. Except, I’m kind of lost on a few things, but namely the whole pretending like FSU’s recent victory of the BCS Championship is something meaningless.

So I’m wondering if this is some kind of multi-layered attempt at performance art. For example, did this girl do this because she wanted to expose how horrible people could be in YouTube comments? If so, she’s a f*cking genius. Or is she actually an FSU fan who recorded this as a statement on how childish Gators fans act in pretending like partying, Gatorade and academics are more important than college football championships? If so, again, she’s a f*cking genius.

However, if this is just a straight-forward attempt at humor… good luck in accounting, Doris.

(H/T to Brian Floyd)

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