09.23.08 10 years ago 13 Comments

While pussy-ass English hoolies are limiting themselves to boring old fist-fighting, Serbian hooligans take that extra step towards terrorism and organized crime, as they do things like vandalize their own players’ cars to intimidate them and shove road flares down police officers’ throats.

Uros Misic, 20, assaulted a plain-clothes police officer during Red Star’s home game with Hajduk Kula and was tried for attempted murder by the Belgrade District Court. He inflicted multiple burns on Nebojsa Trajkovic and then tried to force it into his throat, after which the policeman fired gunshots into the air in self-defence…

“This kind of violence has become an epidemic and the legal bodies have to respond appropriately because common citizens can expect no protection if we allow villains to carry out bestial acts against the police,” judge Lazovic said.

Let’s keep in mind that that’s ten years in Serbian prison.  Serbia’s not a happy place. I don’t have too many rules of thumb, but one of them is, “When visiting former Soviet bloc countries torn apart by ethnic divisions and genocidal civil war, try to stay out of prison.”

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