Serena Williams Says There’s One ‘Big’ Thing Keeping Her From Running A Marathon

Every so often Serena Williams holds a “Q & A” on Twitter for her fans. The tennis star’s quite popular on social media, with 4.4 million followers, many of whom hang on every update and photo she sends out.

Today, someone asked Serena about running the NYC Marathon. Her answer was simple, straight to the point, and let’s be honest, spot-on.

The thing I like most about Serena is that she embraces her body type. She’s not skinny, she doesn’t weigh 120-lbs like most of her peers on the tennis tour. No, she’s curvy, she’s healthy and yeah, she has some junk in the trunk. And you know what, judging by her photos on Instagram, she absolutely LOVES it.

Good for her.

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