Serena Williams Is Here To Teach You How To Twerk

There’s a legitimate case to be made that Serena Williams is the most dominant athlete in tennis and is, at the very least, in the conversation for the most dominant athlete transcending any professional sport.

She’s also a twerking instructor, apparently. Granted, she’s not licensed or anything. For that matter, one can’t even obtain a legal license to teach twerking — not that I know of, anyway. Not that it matters, twerking is an art form, like opera or painting, and you don’t need a certification to make that you-know-what vibrate.

Digressing, the video above is a collection of Williams’ snapchats, but only the first few involve twerking. Unless you’re interested in what Williams is doing six seconds at a time, you can stop watching after the first 30 seconds or so.

Now, watching anyone twerk is a good ol’ time, but there’s an inverse relationship between how good the person is at twerking and how funny it is. Williams is probably somewhere in the middle. She’s not falling over or making a complete idiot of herself in public, so it’s not can’t-miss funny. However, this is a world-famous tennis star shaking what her mother provided to her at birth, and that’s never dull.