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Tom Casale is a former writer for Patriots Football Weekly who recently left in order to blog for, a gambling website.  Posting as "Tommy Rider," he spilled his guts on the Pats organization.  Please note: guts may include a lot of shit.

–Tedy Bruschi is much more popular with the fans than he is with his teammates. He isn't the team leader people think he is. Actually, Bruschi rarely talks to any of his teammates… Bruschi is just an unlikable person in general and I think his teammates know what's what and get sick of his act. He created an image that he presents to the public but his teammates know better…

–Corey Dillon is about the most miserable piece of shit you would ever want to encounter.

To be fair, Casale also praises the organization and several players, but nothing comes close to this doozy: the notion of a Bill Belichick sex tape.

I heard from someone who is close to the case that there is a sex tape of Bill Belichick banging the married woman he had an affair with. I shit you not. The husband who is suing that woman for being unfaithful to him has a tape of his wife and Belichick screwing while the two of them were still married.

RAWR!  Hell yes Bill Belichick has tape of himself having sex.  How else is he supposed to study his tendencies and eliminate weaknesses?  He just has to be the best fucking coach ever. 

Note: I strongly recommend reading the comments on Casale's post.  Judging by most people's reactions, he's one of the more vile, underhanded people to ever walk the earth.

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