Shannon Sharpe Celebrated His ‘Best Life’ By Drinking Hennessy On ‘Undisputed’

Via Undisputed

There are plenty of people who have voiced discontent in the rise of opinion-driven sports talk television over the last decade or so. Instead of shows that are meant to be driven by highlights and games, television has — in a phrase we’ve heard a million times — decided to embrace debate. There are some positives of this shift, though. The best example of this might be Shannon Sharpe, who rules.

Sharpe has been the co-host of Skip and Shannon: Undisputed on FS1 since 2016, serving as the sometimes-irreverent, sometimes-poignant, and always-genuine foil to notorious provocateur Skip Bayless. The best moments on the show come when Sharpe does something delightfully silly while Bayless just wants to, like, yodel about LeBron James being garbage because he lacks Tim Tebow’s clutch gene or whatever Skip is talking about nowadays.

Anyway, here is one of those moments, which occurred on Thursday morning. Bayless wanted to start rifling off takes, but Sharpe had other plans, namely sip on some Hennessy in a bathrobe.

I don’t know how much of this is real and how much of this is an act, but Skip seems genuinely flummoxed by how much fun Shannon is having this early in the morning. Sharpe, meanwhile, understands that he’s here for a good time, not a long time, and as the earth is burning and the republic becomes more and more polarized, he’s going to make himself comfortable and have a drink. Really, this is a lesson we can all stand to learn and apply to our own lives.