Shannon Sharpe Unwrapping A Victory Cigar On ‘Undisputed’ Got Turned Into An All-Time Banger

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When Undisputed first launched on FS1, most thought it’d be a bad First Take rip off, similar to how Wings was Paul McCartney and a bunch of musicians that most couldn’t pick out of a lineup. However, no one factored in how effervescent Shannon Sharpe would be after he left the CBS NFL gameday show, The NFL Today.

Sharpe has been a breath of fresh air on Undisputed, bringing that low country South Carolina charm to millions of viewers. The former Denver Bronco seems to find the pulse of what fans want to see in a sports debate show.

Earlier this week, Sharpe not only found the pulse of sports fans on Twitter, but he also managed to light it up when he brought out some Black and Milds in order to celebrate the Broncos beating the Raiders on Sunday. Of course, when something hits the pulse of Twitter, someone is going to find a way to make it even hotter.

Enter DJ Suede, who manage to take a 30 second clip and manage to make an entire song out of Sharpe’s “Hen and Milds” quote in a song that will bring an early 2000’s club vibe to those who hear it.

When this song hit the Twitterscape initially, it became an internet sensation that hadn’t been around since “You Name It,” which featured a short clip from a Shirley Caesar sermon.

Now, DJ Suede has taken his Twitter fame and doubled down on it, releasing the hit single on iTunes. The single costs $1.99 and is available as you read this. If you have an Apple Music subscription, start streaming this song immediately. Allow the words of Shannon Sharpe to ease you into the weekend, and of course, don’t forget your Black and Milds.