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Pat Riley thinks Shaquille O'Neal should be invited to the NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans:

"He's going to be part of the All-Star festivities specifically to raise money," Riley said. "So I would think the NBA should give him a role. A role. Just like they bring a lot of veteran players in that have retired, they're always around, I think he should have a major role in something."

Yes, nobody wants to see the exhumed corpse of George Mikan embarrass himself on the floor, but it would be nice to see him on the Western Conference's bench. However, someone disagrees with the greasy Irishman – Kazaam himself!

"As the general of this squad, I wouldn't deserve to be an All-Star," O'Neal said Friday evening. "And if they gave me the spot, I wouldn't take it, because I don't want to be given anything . . . Right now, I'm just concentrating on being 1,000 percent. I haven't been 1,000 percent in four or five years. I've been given orders to get 1,000 percent healthy."

Looks like Shaq will not seek nor will he accept the nomination of his league. He's kinda like LBJ, huh? And I suppose one could compare the Heat's season to the former quagmire in Southeast Asia, and Miami to Saigon Ho Chi Minh City. But that would be a stretch – the Heat are really awful and the Vietnamese 'sporting girls' are much more budget friendly. -KD

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