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Olympic champion snowboarder/ProActiv case study Shaun White began his ugly descent into a life of crime when he was cited last week for second-degree criminal tampering in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Sigh. That's how it always begins.  First you tamper with fire extinguishers at ski resorts, then you knock over some mailboxes in a wealthy subdivision, then you move on to bawdy bathroom graffiti in college bars before a bloody shootout with the FBI.

A Breckenridge police report said a security camera recorded someone setting off the fire extinguisher, and White's clothes and shoes appeared to match what the person on the video was wearing. The report also said White's shoes matched footprints left in the powder from the fire extinguisher and that a witness said he saw "a white male with long red hair pulling the pin from the fire extinguisher."

Uhhh… that could have been anyone!  Why, Carrot Top played a show in Denver last week!

A police report said his breath smelled of alcohol when investigators spoke with him. In the report, police said the video showed the prankster holding a pool cue and "playfully" chasing a young woman around video game machines in the room.

Oh, so he can "playfully" chase young women around with pool cues, but I can't "playfully" strangle strippers that I "playfully" drugged?  Just another example of the preferential treatment given to famous athletes.

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