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Earlier this week, former Kansas stars Darrell Arthur and Mario “Super Nintendo” Chalmers were kicked out of the NBA’s rookie camp and fined $20,000 apiece.  The details:

Security at the resort near New York where the event took place found Arthur and Chalmers in a room with two women, and the scent of marijuana was detected. No drugs or drug paraphernalia were found, but having guests in the room violated NBA policy, and the two rookies were sent home.

Arthur and Chalmers apologized but denied using marijuana. Next year they’ll have to again attend the symposium, which addresses the challenges of making the transition to pro ball.

I think now would be a good time for everyone to freak out and have a hugely overblown reaction to this photo (full size thumbnailed below) of Chalmers with new Heat rookie teammate Michael Beasley in which Chalmers is holding what appears to be a small blunt, which — if my sources are correct — is a kind of “marihuana cigarette.”

I, for one, am shocked and outraged.  It’s always been my understanding that professional athletes, particularly NBA athletes, would never put illegal drugs into the temples that are their bodies.  Especially not something as addictive and damaging as marijuana.  Somebody call the police!  Stop these monsters before they hurt our children!

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