This Sideline Reporter Learned A Valuable Lesson About Screwing Up On Live TV

11.25.15 4 years ago 4 Comments

Think about the most embarrassing, work-related thing that could happen at your job (crapping your pants is mortifying, but not really specific to job requirements). An accountant could forget to carry the one (I assume this is most of what constitutes accounting), a lawyer could show up to court with the wrong suitcase (or show up to the wrong court), and airline pilot… is best left out of this comparison. For a sideline reporter, this video is pretty much that worst-case scenario.

BT Sport’s Reshmin Chowdhury thought she was pre-taping a little background segment for the Champions League soccer match between Barcelona and AS Roma, but, much like Ron Burgundy, she was blissfully unaware she was on live TV. Everyone flubs lines here or there, but when you’re live, you just soldier on. You don’t get a second shot at it, no matter how composed you look once you’ve put your TV face back on.

When she swallows the word “club,” she asks her camera operator, “What is wrong with me tonight?” But she probably didn’t want to know how many answers that question had. We’re sure Reshmin is a fine sideline reporter every other day, but that’s the thing about that job: Your most embarrassing day at the office gets shared around the world.

(Via FTW)

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