Simone Biles Reminded Everyone She’s The GOAT With Two Historic Routines

Getty Image

Simone Biles has a very good claim to being the greatest female gymnast of all-time, as she became the first woman since 1984 to win four gold medals at a single Olympics in 2016 in Rio (and is only the fifth in history to accomplish that feat).

She is an unbelievable combination of power and grace, with the ability to do things that no one is capable of. She already has a pair of skills named after her, because she was the first person to ever do them in competition, and entering this weekend’s U.S. Gymnastics Championships, she was prepared to do two more firsts in the world of women’s gymnastics.

First up was her balance beam routine on Saturday night, in which Biles became the first woman to do a double-double dismount — that is, two flips and two full twists — in a competition and she stuck it near perfectly.

In case that wasn’t ridiculous enough, Biles went into the floor exercise portion on Sunday — an apparatus she’s won a ridiculous five gold medals in world championships/Olympics in — ready to make more history. Early in her routine, Biles became the first woman to pull off a triple-double, that being three full twists and two flips, and, like the double-double on the beam, she pulled it off flawlessly.

The sports world obsesses over the GOAT debate, but with Biles it is impossible not to believe we are watching the best of all-time. She continues to push the bar higher and higher for what is possible in women’s gymnastics and she doesn’t just do new and seemingly impossible things, but she sticks them in competitions at the highest level. On Sunday, she tied a 67-year-old record with her sixth U.S. national championship all-around gold medal, and heading to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics she will be the favorite to dominate the podium once again.