Skateboarding Priest Will Entertain You With Tricks And You Will Like It

08.16.10 8 years ago 11 Comments


it’s always a good moment when you’re walking down the street and all of a sudden you see something crazy, like a walrus doing calisthenics or Adrien Brody and you stop yourself to think, “Well that’s not really supposed to happen.” That’s what I thought when I saw this video of a priest named Zoltan Lendvai, whose using that shock value of a rabbi doing fancy tricks to teach little children how to become catholics with Rodney Mullen-esque street moves, an outfit out of Darth Maul’s wardrobe and an attitude that’s straight radical, dude!!!

A Hungarian Roman Catholic priest has become a YouTube hit with his distinctive method of spreading the word on wheels. The Reverend Zoltan Lendvai, 45, who lives and preaches in Redics, a small village on Hungary’s border with Slovenia, believes skateboarding can open the way to God for young people. The video of him in action, Funny Priest Skateboarding, has so far attracted close to 170,000 hits and now also has a music version.

Lendvai says he follows the ways of Saint John Bosco, an Italian priest and educator in the 19th century who dedicated his life to improving the lot of poor youngsters and used games as part of their education.

“Many times I have felt that this is the way I can bring many people a bit closer to Jesus,” he told Reuters. -Yahoo!

Video after the jump.

My question is, who’s he trying to impress? My sources tell me Jesus is more of a winter X Games fan, anyway. Ever try and bang a real angel while she’s making a snow angel? Precisely.

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