Watch A Snooker Player Get So Rattled By His Own Fart He Misses A Shot

The sports calendar is in full swing, with the NFL and college football pressing forward and the NBA raging into a wild offseason with the Draft and free agency back-to-back. Overseas, most attention is being paid to the goings on in the soccer world, with the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and the rest all off and running in their seasons.

As such, you probably aren’t watching an awful lot of snooker — or probably know what snooker even is — but have no fear, social media will always ensure you find out about viral and hilarious snooker content. Yes, the billiards game that calls for immense strategy that is foreign to most of us here in the states — played on a giant table with 15 red balls, six colored balls and the cue ball — can produce viral moments, and on Thursday we were treated to an incredible one.

Ronnie O’Sullivan was facing Matthew Stevens at the Northern Ireland Open, trailing 2-1 in the match, when he stepped to the table and an incredibly loud fart rang out, causing a hilarious scene in the room with players and referees all laughing — and O’Sullivan would see his shot after trying to compose himself rattle in and out of the pocket.

Most thought it was the ref, who turned beet red, who had ripped one, but after the match O’Sullivan took ownership of the fart, saying he’s been dealing with “stomach problems,” via EuroSport.

“I dropped my guts,” admitted O’Sullivan after his 4-2 comeback win. “I’ve had bad stomach problems for the last three months, I’ve been having tests in the hospital.

“I said to the ref, ‘was that you?’ We had a laugh out there. But I’m taking full ownership of that one.”

O’Sullivan did come back to win that game and the match overall, and hopefully he finds a way to take care of his stomach issues. “I dropped my guts” is an all-time line though and everyone in the room had a laugh in the aftermath.

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