Watch This Clever Soccer Hooligan Get Some Help From The Crowd To Slip Away From Security

When it comes to fans who decide to run on the field at sporting events, most of the time they’re not looking at a happy ending. Instead, they usually end up a crumpled mess on the field at the hands of security and we, the viewers, get to laugh at their misfortune. This is not one of those times.

We join our brave hooligan as he ends his run on the field, attempting to escape the security that seems poised to make their move and capture him. But our man is not out to be captured. He knows what might happen in the bowels of that stadium and he’s not going to let it happen. So, he hops two fences and ends up stretching out to attempt a hop back into the crowd. The only issue is that the gap is too wide, despite some very impressive stretching.

Thankfully, he’s got some friends in higher places and a scarf. He whips the scarf to some of his fellow fans in the stands and uses it to get across and away from the security. It’s not the most exciting escape, but it is nice to see all of the parts work together to make for a nice escape.

(Via Никита Борода)