02.28.08 10 years ago 20 Comments

Big ups to the fine people at Machochip for digging around in the Vargas portfolio to turn up these photos from a calendar titled "Bodypainting the World Cup 2007."  Up there is what appears to be the vertical blue-and-white stripes of Argentina's classic jersey, although I'm not sure if it's entirely authentic — Diego Maradona always wore shorter shorts.

Authenticity is a common beef with these interpretations of the uniforms, as very few national teams' jerseys actually have plunging necklines and booty shorts (I think Italy is the one exception).  But if you can suspend your disbelief about these girls playing soccer in inauthentic body paint uniforms long enough, I guess they look okay. 

And what a surprise, the Brazilian girl looks the hottest.  Sheesh, just go ahead and keep reinforcing stereotypes, Vargas.  Might as well have the French chick restricting the freedoms of indigenous Muslims while you're at it.

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