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I linked to this the other day in Saint Andrew’s Net, but it’s worth noting in gallery form that Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas and his Spanish model girlfriend (a former Miss Spain) broke up, so he had to find solace with a new, hotter Spanish model: Ariadne Artiles.  You may remember her from a previous SAN.

Kickette is guessing this was just a New Year’s hook-up, while the Spoiler has a nice video of Ms. Artiles in action.  Below is a gallery chock full o’ sexy, and I’ve even included a little bit of Casillas in there to satisfy the ladies.  Hey, I’m comfortable enough with my sexuality to acknowledge that another man is attractive.  I mean, it’s not even gay unless you go all the way with a guy.  That’s what I tell myself when I give handjobs at the truck stop.

More Ariadne here and here.

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